Missional Communities

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Missional communities are the main way we connect with others (and the main entry point into the life of Sozo).  We believe each community is a family who learns to love Jesus and one another by doing life together.  As such, like family, we encourage joining in celebrations and personal milestones together so as to build meaningful relationships with each other.

We gather on a weekly basis to eat, learn, pray, play, and support each other as well as finding times to serve the community together.

All our communities are multi-generational and family-friendly and include people from all walks of life.

We currently have two Missional Communities that meet in rotating homes within the Puyallup area. We invite you to attend one of our communities so you may find the best fit, as each community will be slightly different with their unique set of characteristics.

If you are interested in hearing more about our Missional Communities, or if you would like to visit one, please contact us by sending us a message via our contact page or at (253) 435-8943.