Missy On Mission Trip to Ethiopia

by Missy Stocksett

I had the amazing opportunity to travel and serve in Ethiopia this last December 2018- January 2019 with a mission team and New Life Ethiopia. During our time there we painted murals for the Kindergarten, visited believers and non-believers that have been touched by this ministry with newly constructed homes, witnessed Baptisms in mass,  put on programs for the children, and took in the beauty and graciousness God has shown to this remote people.

He taught me so much through this mission experience and I am incredibly blessed to have taken these things home with me! God led our team to pray first with faith, and He came through every time. He showed me that discipleship culture should be constant and circular, as it was demonstrated by my bi-cultural team. And that joy can be constant and should be an unfiltered experience of God's presence. These gifts I cannot repay but recognize the importance of taking them back with me into the trials of my own life. It moves me every time I get to see the body of Christ working together with the love He designed us to have for one another. I hope and desire to bring a part of this into my own community and church.

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