Jason Goes to Serve Ethiopa

by Jason Barta

Ethiopia-Jason with family.jpeg

I am the Director of NewLife Ethiopia.  God is doing amazing things in Ethiopia and we feel blessed and honored that he would use us over here in America to help complete his works.  We have an orphanage that has 20 children in it at any one time, those children will be adopted to local christian Ethiopian families.  We have 3 kindergarten schools with 60 kids total in a rural Muslim dominated village.  We also have 30 indigenous missionaries that go and share the gospel in Muslim areas.  These missionary/evangelists are all converted Muslims and once we get enough believers in an area we will plant a church!  

I left the day after Christmas and spent three weeks traveling around to and seeing what God was doing!  The first 10 days I led a mission team of 12 that painted the Kindergarten, did VBS, trained evangelists and explored what it looks like to live and be a Christian in Ethiopia.  Once the team left I traveled around to our church plants, the orphanage and our missionaries to hear what God has been doing and encourage.  It was an amazing trip and I am so blessed to be part of the bigger picture and have God use me a small way to impact the kingdom.  

Brett Latin