A Missionary Visitor from Serbia

By Chad Lackey


Samuil Petrovski.PNG

Samuil Visited Sozo Church in February 2019

Samuil Petrovski has a heart for bringing the gospel to people in the Balkans.  He has been called to lead a student ministry (Evangelical University Students) that demonstrates the love of Jesus to students in Serbia and Montenegro.  He has mentored two generations of student leaders in the time we have known him.  In addition, he ministers at an English speaking church (International Christian Fellowship) in Belgrade as well as at Roma churches in the area.  He is a man on a mission – to bring the gospel to those who don’t know it – and God has uniquely enabled and placed Samuil to fulfill that mission.  As a gifted connector of people, Samuil has contacts throughout Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia and others.  Samuil is married to Nada and has two children, Lara and Filip.  It is has been a blessing to know and serve with Samuil and his family since we met in 2012!

Brett Latin